This Electronic Register (e-Register) allows you to verify the apostilles issued for official administrative documents since November 1st 2004. To verify an apostille issued during March 16th 2001 - October 29th 2004, please contact the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In order to verify the apostille, please fill in the fields below and select „Verify”. The apostille’s number can be found at Title 8 of its content. If following the interrogation of the e-Register, the „Results” fields include information regarding a different official administrative document, please report it using the form at https://www.mai.gov.ro/contact-center/epetitie-contact

Disclaimer: Any results displayed or generated by this search tool are made available to you only for informational purposes.
Verify an Apostille
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* Apostille’s number format: JJ/XXXX (county code/apostille’s number) e.g. CJ/0001/1

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